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Spare ribs, ribeye, t-bone, rib eye steaks, ribs, filletts, steaks, cockerels, porks knuckles, goose breasts and much more: the meats on our menu come from controlled and renowned farms and are grilled with vegetal coal. Combining the meat with the taste given by coals, it is possible to recreate traditional tastes and to give the food a perfect tenderness and succulence. All of our dishes are served with potatoes, vegetables, bread and sauces, and accompanied by a wide selection of wines. You can also taste unique soups, original single courses, side dishes and house desserts. We offer only quality products, from grilled food to soups, in order to wheat your appetite and capture your imagination. The wide choice of dishes on the menu is completed by daily specials and meals upon reservation.  Our restaurant offers also cold cut platters with local and foreign cheeses and meat cuts served with mustards; at our ski bar you will find sandwiches, hamburgers and French fries for a quick but tasty snack.

From December 2018, the owner of Baita La Morea is Guido Cagnati, famous food entrepreneur.

Get welcomed by a typical mountain atmosphere, warmed by the heat of the wood and by the cordiality of our staff. You won’t be disappointed! Our dining rooms can host up to 100 guests, and during the sunny days you can enjoy our dishes outside, or in the big ski bar terrace.

Our chef André Sudarovich comes from Fiemme Valley, though he has a name of Slavic origin. His dishes are a perfect balance between the aesthetics of gourmet philosophy and the taste and quality of the food.